My FREEDOM of Speech with regards to the HPE Curriculum

With regards to Ontario's 2015 new Health & Physical Education curriculum that is entering public and Catholic schools September of 2015. I (and other parents/grandparents & guardians that are opposed the sex ed) agree that children should be taught about:
* RESPECT for [all parts of] themselves & others (because if they're taught that then they will know if someone is violating them - which hopefully those kids will not ever have to face that)
* healthy eating habits and exercising (having a physically active lifestyle)
* media/online safety and sexting
* how some families have 2 mommies OR 2 daddies
* the biological of pro-creation at an age-APPROPRIATE level (ergo how the body works)

I am (and the other PARENTS that are opposed this new HPE curriculum) opposed
* a "one size fits all" sex ed curriculum as not every child mentally develops at the same stage (eg: child that have Autisim or children that were born later in the school year then their peers of the same grade)
* age-INAPPROPRIATE lessons about sex ed (Eg: Boys & girls in grade one [that's age 6] learning in class in front of the opposite sex the medical terminology names of their genital body parts, Having a teacher prompt in the curriculum that gives teachers the okay to instruct grade 6 [age 12] children how to masturbate when according to the Canada Criminal Law it's illegal for an adult to instruct a child in masturbation, Teaching grade 7 [age 13] children about anal sex when according to the Canada Criminal Law it is against anyone under the age of 18 to have anal sex)
* teaching children a sex ed (meanwhile the sex ed was created under the guidance of a charged pedophile who was found guilty [and I am a survivor of child sexual assault understand the danger in teaching children a sex ed over handed by a pedophile])
* teaching children (starting in grade 3 [age 8]) the ideology theory of "6 genders" and "gender as a social construct" because that is NOT science based

PS: this 2015 HPE curriculum that is getting pushed into the Catholic and public Ontario school systems in September 2015 I have the saved pdf file of that FULL curriculum saved on my phone so I have indeed read the curriculum (NOT the stupid parent's guide).

Ben Levin, convicted child pornographer, "had a hand" in sex-ed curriculum

Ezra Levant explains in shocking detail the kinds of crimes Ben Levin was convicted of on March 3, 2015. The court heard about the former Deputy Miinister of...

EXCLUSIVE: Proof of Ben Levin's Involvement in Sex-Ed Program

Downloadable PDF file of Ben Levin's emails

Page number 5, paragraphs 21 to 24 from the PDF file about Benjamin  Levin's sentencing describes how much involvement Ben had in Ontario's and Canada's education system.

Expert exposes Wynne's Sex ed Program flaws, dangers

On August the 18th, in Mississauga, Ontario, Dr. Miriam Grossman, an American psychiatrist presented a detailed professional explanation to an audience of almost 1000 people explaining why Ontario’s dangerous sex-ed is indoctrination and not science.

This special event was sponsored by HOWA Voice of Parents ( with the support of Canadian Families Alliance (CFA)

Dr. Miriam Grossman talking about Ontario Sex Education Curriculum

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